Alabama Taxpayers Beware: Broadband Consultants Collect Hefty Fees

Consultants recommending the construction of expensive broadband networks are inundating local governments across the country, according to Yellow Hammer News. Unfortunately, these broadband networks are built using taxpayers’ money. Consultants believe that these new and improved networks will attract business money and improve the quality of life for the residents. This is all true, but…



Obama’s New Executive Order Will Turn New U.S. Presidents Into Taxpayers

Obama’s recently signed Executive Order now requires that the President of the United States be a federal taxpayer. According to Andy Borowitz from, President Obama exclaimed that “Since the President has such a large say in how federal taxes are spent, it only makes sense that he or she contribute to those taxes too.”…



2017 Tax Season Begins January 23rd

The Internal Revenue Service had already dropped a bombshell in recent news when they announced that some taxpayers will face a delay in receiving their tax refund with the deadline to file taxes being on April 18th. Recently, the IRS just announced that the next tax season will officially begin on January 23, 2017. The IRS predicts…


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IRS To Lower Standard Mileage Rates

The IRS has issued an option of using standard mileage rates to calculate costs associated with operating vehicles for business, charitable, medical, or moving purposes in order to calculate deductible costs, according to Jeff Stimpson from Beginning January 1st, standard mileage rates for the use of cars, vanes, pickups, or panel trucks, will be…



Taxpayers Beware: New Impersonation Scam Reported By TIGTA

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) released a new poster to further warn taxpayers of a recent trend of unsolicited and illicit calls by people who are claiming to be the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Treasury employees attempting to reclaim unpaid federal taxes. According to J. Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General…



IRS Restructuring Its Future Workforce

A new year brings new changes, especially in the IRS’ case. This stems from the fact that society is changing fast, and the agency’s Human Resource department is already reinventing how it plans to keep up with these changes. This new plan will stretch to 5 years and beyond. Daniel Riordan, who is the Chief…



Trump Administration Can End IRS Discrimination

Over the last several years, the IRS has been constantly accused of discrimination during the tax-exempt status process. The IRS apparently discriminates against taxpayers who have political views that oppose the Obama Administration. Democrats disapprove of this behavior, due to it being a violation of the 1st amendment. As a result of these accusations, the…



Partnerships Could Lose Tax Advantages In 2018

Partnerships have always been looked at in a good light due to its tax advantages. However, those times have changed due to the new Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. This new law is set to take place in the year of 2018. Bipartisan Budget Act will override the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of…



Trump Still Facing Tax Audit, But Will The Public See Them?

Donald Trump is known for keeping his tax returns a secret. Now that the real estate mogul is President, there is no way around it. However, that doesn’t mean that the public will necessarily be seeing these tax returns. Trump has been facing IRS tax problems for over the last 10 years. As mentioned before, the president…


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IRS Warns of 2017 Tax Refund Delays

If you owe taxes in April, as opposed to getting a refund, then this won’t affect you. For those who are expecting a tax refund in April, you’re in for a rude awakening. Adjusting your tax withholding may be beneficial, due to the Internal Revenue Service stating that certain taxpayers will have to wait longer…