Tax Tips to Get You Through the Summer

The weather is getting warmer, days longer and vacation costs are adding up which means summer is here! While it’s a great time to relax, taxpayers should also make sure they have their expenses under control and take a moment to get organized, in order to avoid tax problems. We’ve listed some common tax problems…



Handling a Letter or Notice from the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers some great advice on handling a letter or notice from them. The main takeaway is that whether or not you agree with the contents of the letter, you should stay calm and respond in a timely fashion. If you are unsure about where you stand as far as owing…



Deadline to File for Taxpayers Abroad Rapidly Approaches

If you live or work abroad, today (June 15) is the last day to file your federal income tax return for 2016. This includes those with dual citizenship. You can digitally request an extension if you can’t meet the deadline. The extension is granted to those who attach a statement explaining why they should be…



Scam Alert: Taxpayers Beware

It was recently brought to our attention that scammers are still on the hunt … this time asking taxpayers for 8821 and 2848 forms. Prior to releasing such documents, which authorizes the release of your tax information and the power of attorney (POA) and declaration of representation respectively, taxpayers should verify it’s authenticity. If you…


Image of a young angry couple having argument about money at home

What To Do If Your Spouse Owes Back Taxes

Your spouse owing money back on taxes could cause significant tax problems. You can fix the situation by changing the number of exemptions when filing, utilizing the innocent spouse or injured spouse option or by filing separately. How do you know if you qualify for spouse relief? You may do so if you file a…



How to Identify IRS Scammers

Here’s what you should know in order to avoid falling for the fake trap set by potential scammers who claim they are from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS): When requesting information, the IRS would never initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels. Enforcement action is not used as a threat…



Write Off Business or Personal Trips on Your Taxes

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a much needed vacation. It might sound too good to be true when you know work will just keep piling up, but what if you knew how to use the trip as a tax write off, without facing tax problems? There are several…



Truck Crash Causes Temporary Power Outage

Tax Defense Partners will be temporary closed due to a power outage in the area. According to CBS Local News, the power outage occurred after a truck slammed into a pole in Van Nuys.  



Offer In Compromise Explained By The IRS

An offer in compromise is a settlement for taxpayers who cannot afford to pay their tax debt. Below are some things a taxpayer should know before applying for an offer in compromise: If a taxpayer can afford to pay what is owed, the IRS cannot accept a settlement offer. In order for the IRS to…



Taxpayer Bill Of Rights

When dealing with your taxes, it is important to be cautious of small mistakes that could break the rules and result in a tax audit, tax problems or some involvement by the IRS. However, the IRS is also responsible for following rules that are set for them as well. Ratified in 2014, the IRS issued…